Monday 10:00 - 4:30
Tuesday-Sunday 9:30 - 4:30

2204 Penn Ave. Pittsburgh, PA 15222
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Welcome to our Polish kitchen! Be prepared to be indulged in the aroma of the traditional foods prepared with simple, yet so flavorful ingredients. We cook according to our Moms’ and Grandmas’ recipes brought here from our homes in Poland, using the best ingredients and herbs and spices imported from Poland. That is what gives our foods their special flavor. When customers enter our store and we hear “Mmmm…. it smels like my grandma’s kitchen”, we know that it has been a job well done – we bring back the best taste along with great memories… 

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We serve lunch at approximate times of 10.30 to 3.30 seven days a week.

For advanced orders or pick ups please call our kitchen at 412-281-2906



polish soups

Red Borsch w/ Dumplings


White Borsch w/ Kielbasy 


Mushroom Soup 

For years it has been traditional Christmas soup usually served for Christmas Eve but because of its exceptional flavor it became popular year round Lightly sour soup of delightful traditional flavor enriched by the taste of smoked Polish Kielbasy Old fashioned creamy soup cooked with addition of imported from Poland forest mushroom



Hunter Stew


Pork Stew on Dumplings 



Most traditional Polish dish called Bigos. Cabbage and kraut cooked with pieces of smoked meats and dried mushroom with addition of tomato sauce Savory pork in delicious gravy served over soft potato dumplings Flavorful dish with Hungarian origin, very popular on a Polish table. Green & red bell peppers, onions and tomatoes sautéed with slices of Polish kielbasa



Pittsburgh Style


Polish Style


Slovak Style

Soft egg noodles with sweet cabbage, onions and butter. Pittsburgh favorite! Soft egg noodles with cabbage and onions, topped with crumbles of the best Polish farmer cheese and smoked bacon Haluszki Bryndzowe – specialty hand made potato kluski served with original Bryndza sheep milk cheese and topped with bacon



Smoked Kielbasy Sandwich w/kraut 


Smoked Kielbasy sandwich w/onions  


FreshPolishSausage Sandwich 

Polish smoked Kielbasy grilled, served over a roll, topped with kraut stew and mustard Polish smoked Kielbasy grilled, served over a roll, topped with caramelized onions and beets&horseradish or mustard Old fashioned fresh garlic sausage baked, served over a roll, topped with caramelized onions and beets&horseradish or mustard

 Polish Specials


Stuffed Cabbage




Polish Style Kielbasy

Our signature dish, home made cabbage roll stuffed with ground pork and rice, served with  tomato sauce Traditional blood&barley sausage, fried crispy with onions The best of smoked Polish Kielbasy grilled, served with sides of beets&horseradish, Polish mustard and a roll

Potato Pancakes




Old fashioned recipe, three golden crisp pancakes served with sides of sour cream and apple sauce

Two sunny gold crepes filled with deliciously sweet farmer cheese